Mu cEpHEi AND ic1396

In this CCD Image, the Garnet Star, Mu (m) Cephei, appears above the nebula IC1396, which Is centered on Struve 2816, a 6th-magnitude multiple star.

variation in delta and mu cephei

To gauge the magnitude of the variable stars Delta (5) and Mu (m) Cephei at any given time, their brightness can be compared to that of nonvariable stars nearby. Useful yardsticks are Zeta (Z) Cephei (magnitude 3.4), Epsilon (e) Cephei (magnitude 4.2), and Lambda (l) Cephei (magnitude 5.1).

Cassiopeia Cassiopeiae (Cas)

width ll depth ll size RANKING 25111 fuLLY vislBLE 90°n-12°s

A distinctive constellation of the northern sky, Cassiopeia lies in the Milky Way between Perseus and Cepheus. Its five main stars form a large, easily recognizable W shape. Cassiopeia is an ancient Greek constellation, representing a mythical Queen of Ethiopia, who was punished for her vanity by Poseidon. Her husband, Cepheus, and daughter, Andromeda, are represented by adjoining constellations.

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