Large Binoculars

The more a pair of binoculars magnify, the more the image will seem to shake because of the movements of your hand. The solution is to mount the binoculars on a camera tripod. Better still, although more expensive, is a specialist binocular mount, available from telescope suppliers.

Newer, image-stabilizing binoculars sense movement and adjust the prisms accordingly. These cut out hand shake very well, but not slower movements. Although these binoculars have the advantage of portability, they are heavier and more expensive than standard types.


When using large, heavy binoculars with magnifications greater than 10 times, a tripod mount is desirable. These are mounted 25 x 100 binoculars, used for deep-sky viewing.

Telescope astronomy

To see more than is possible with binoculars, you will need a telescope. there are several designs of amateur telescopes, which can be supported on various types of mountings.

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