Monthly Sky Guide

The charts on the following pages show the stars as they appear each month around 10:00 pm, as seen from various latitudes in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Three horizons are marked on each of the charts, making them usable throughout most of the inhabited world. A bright object that is not on the charts will be one of the planets, which change position from night to night. A difference of a few degrees in latitude will have little effect on the stars you can see.

Each monthly chart is a representation of the entire sky above you, with the horizon around the rim and the zenith (the point directly overhead) in the middle. If you are facing north, hold the page so that the label NORTH on the rim of the chart is at the bottom. Similarly, if you are facing south, or any other direction, hold the page so that the label for that particular direction is at the bottom. What stars are on view in the night sky depends on your latitude on Earth.

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