This nebula appears as a dark patch In the bright Milky Way next to the stars of the Southern Cross, here at center left. Alpha and Beta Centauri are at far left, while the Eta Carinae Nebula is the pink patch just right of center.

ngc 4755 (the jewel box cluster) 2 1 5 An open cluster that is one of the gems of the southern sky, visible to the naked eye as a brighter patch in the Milky Way. Binoculars and small telescopes show its individual stars covering about one-third the apparent width of a full moon. A ruby-colored supergiant near the center contrasts with the other stars, most of which are blue-white supergiants, giving the impression of a collection of colorful jewels, hence its popular name.

THE COALsACK NEBULA 2 1 A dark cloud of dust that blocks light from the stars of the Milky Way behind. Prominent to the naked eye and in binoculars, the Coalsack spans the length of 12 full moons and extends into the constellations of Centaurus and Musca.

Musca Muscae (Mus)

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