Mars rotates every 24 hours 37 minutes

Deimos completes a quarter of its orbit in the time it takes Phobos to orbit Mars

Deimos completes orbit after 30 hours 18 minutes

the orbit of the moons

Both moons follow near-circular orbits around Mars's equator. Phobos, the innermost moon, is so close to Mars and orbits so quickly that it rises and sets three times every Martian day.

water on mars

Present-day Mars is an ice-cold planet where water can exist as ice or as vapor, which forms mists, fogs, and icy frost. There is no liquid water today, although dry river valleys and ancient flood plains are evidence that it once flowed across the planet. That was about 3—4 billion years ago, when Mars was a warmer place. Some of that water is today in the form of ice in the polar caps.

polar ice

In 2005, Mars Express imaged this circle of water ice on the floor of an unnamed crater not far from Mars's northern polar cap. The ice is about 7.5 miles (12 km) wide.

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