features of interest eta (n) aquilae 2 1 One of the brightest Cepheid variables. It cycles between magnitudes 3.5 and 4.4 every 7.2 days. Its distance is estimated at 1,200 light-years.

15 AND 57 AQUILAE 5 Two easy double stars for small telescopes. 15 Aquilae has components of 5th and 7th magnitudes. In 57 Aquilae, both components are of 6th magnitude.

FF AQUILAE 2 1 A Cepheid variable. Its variations, between magnitudes 5.2 and 5.7 every 4.5 days, can easily be followed through binoculars.

R AQUILAE 1 5 A variable red giant of the same type as Mira. At its brightest, which it reaches every nine months, it is visible in binoculars.

NGc 6709 1 5 A modest open cluster, irregular in shape, containing stars of magnitude 9 and fainter.

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