The Arrow

Aquila Aquilae (Aql)

width ll depth ll size RANKING 22nd fuLLY vislBLE 78°n-71°s

Aquarius lies on the celestial equator in a rich area of the Milky Way, with Cygnus to the north and Scutum and Sagittarius to the south. It represents a flying eagle. Aquila's brightest star, Altair, magnitude northern 0.8, lies in the eagle's neck and forms one corner of the northern HEMispHERE

Summer Triangle of stars, completed by Vega and Deneb. Altair is flanked by Beta (P) Aquilae, or Alshain, of 4th magnitude, and Gamma (g) Aquilae, Tarazed, of 3rd magnitude, forming a distinctive trio. In Greek mythology, the eagle was the bird that carried the thunderbolts that the god Zeus hurled at his enemies. One story says that Zeus either sent an eagle or turned himself into an eagle, to carry the shepherd boy Ganymede up to Mount Olympus to serve the gods. Ganymede is represented by the adjoining constellation Aquarius.

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