The Herdsman

features of interest alpha (a) bootis (ARCTuRus) 2 A red giant of magnitude -0.1, the fourth-brightest of all stars and 100 times more luminous than the Sun. To the unaided eye, it has a warm orange tint.

EPsiLON (s) bootis 5 A celebrated double star but difficult to divide because of the closeness of the stars. To the eye, it appears of magnitude 2.4. High magnification on a telescope of at least 3 in (75 mm) aperture reveals an orange star accompanied by a 5th-magnitude blue-green companion.

KAPPA (k) bootis 5 A double star with components of 5th and 7th magnitudes, divisible with a small telescope. The stars are unrelated.

Mu (|i) bootis 1 A double star of 4th and 6th magnitudes, divisible with binoculars.

xi © bootis 5 Another double star of 5th and 7th magnitudes, divisible with small telescopes. The stars have warm yellow-orange hues and form a true binary with an orbital period of 150 years.

Hercules Herculis (Her)

width lim depth 111 size RANKING 5» fuLLY vislBLE 90°n-38°s

A large but not particularly prominent constellation of the northern sky, Hercules represents the strong man of Greek myth who undertook 12 labors, clad in a lion's pelt and brandishing a club. One of his tasks was to slay a dragon, and in the sky Hercules kneels with one foot on the head of Draco, to the north.


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