The Microscope

features of interest alpha (a) microscopii 5 A 5th-magnitude star with a 10th-magnitude companion visible through amateur telescopes.

Piscis Austrinus Piscis Austrini (PsA)

width mm depth m size RANKING 6oth fuLLY vislBLE 53°n-90°s

This constellation south of Aquarius is made prominent by the presence of the star Fomalhaut, magnitude 1.2, although there is little else of note. To the ancient Greeks, Piscis Austrinus was the parent of the two fish of the zodiacal constellation Pisces. In the sky, the stream of water from the jar of Aquarius flows toward the mouth of the fish, marked by Fomalhaut, an Arabic name meaning "fish's mouth."

features of interest

BETA (P) piscis AusTRINI 5 A wide double with components of 4th and 8th magnitudes, divisible by small telescopes.

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