The Scales

Corona Borealis Coronae Borealis (CrB)

width l depth m size ranking 73rd fuLLy visible 90"n-50"s

This small, distinctive constellation between Bootes and Hercules forms a horseshoe of seven stars. One of the constellations known to the ancient Greeks, it represents the crown worn by Princess Ariadne when she married the god Bacchus, who cast it into the sky in celebration.

features of interest zETA (Z) coronae borealis 5 A pair of stars of 5th and 6th magnitudes, each blue-white in color. They form an attractive sight when seen through small telescopes.

NU (v) CORONAE BOREALis 1 A wide double star consisting of a pair of 5th-magnitude red giants divisible in binoculars.

R CORONAE borealis 1 5 A highly luminous yellow supergiant that normally appears of 6th magnitude, but suffers sudden dips in brightness due to a buildup of sooty particles in its atmosphere. The fades occur every few years and can last for months.

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