The Serpent Holder

features of interest

RHO (p) ophiuchi 1 5 An outstanding multiple star. Binoculars will show it as a 5th-magnitude star with a 7th-magnitude companion on either side. Small telescopes with high magnification bring another 6th-magnitude companion into view much closer to the central star.

36 ophiuchi 5 A neat pair of 5th-magnitude orange dwarfs divisible by small telescopes.

70 ophiuchi 5 A beautiful double star, easy for small telescopes. It consists of yellow and orange dwarfs of 4th and 6th magnitudes.

M10 AND M12 H 5 Two globular clusters detectable with binoculars on a good night. These are the best of the seven globular clusters cataloged by Messier (see p.71) in Ophiuchus.

NGC 6633 1 An open cluster of apparent size similar to a full moon, visible through binoculars.

IC 4665 1 A large and scattered open cluster visible with binoculars.

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