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Full aperture filters make digital photography of the Sun possible.

Caution: Be sure the solar filter is firmly secured to the objective lens of the telescope. Use the same filter that was used for visual observing. Cover the finder objective lens.

Make sure the frame of the camera view screen is accurately aligned with the north-south direction. To check this, move the telescope on the declination axis while rotating the camera until the Sun's limb moves parallel to its screen frame. Accurate alignment is essential for determination of the solar latitude and longitude of sunspots.

With the telescope precisely focused, lock the focusing mechanism and remove the eyepiece. Adjust the camera setting for the sharpest image and highest resolution. Set the shutter release for remote or self-timing. Focus the camera for infinity. For an 80-mm refractor or a 90-mm Maksutov, set the camera for manual control and an exposure time of 1/500 second at ISO 100. For larger telescopes you may have to use exposures as short as 1/1000 second.

Place the eyepiece with camera attached back in the telescope. A focused image of the Sun should now appear on the viewing screen. Because of flexure in the system the telescope may have to be moved slightly to center the image. By using the zoom control on the camera, the image size can be adjusted until it nearly fills the screen. Take at least 10 photographs to be sure to get some good ones.

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