Recommended Accessories

Many of the following telescope accessories are useful but not all are essential for the observations described in the book. If you are an experienced observer wanting to get the most out of a small telescope you probably have them already and are familiar with their use. If you are a beginner, you can add them as your particular interests deem necessary.

As described in Chapter 9 an additional set of color filters for planetary observations provides higher contrast in certain aspects of their images. A 12.5-mm eyepiece with an illuminated crossline reticle is useful for some types of visual observations and for tracking long exposure film photography. A piggyback mounting bracket for a camera equipped with a telephoto lens is necessary for some digital and film photography. An electronic stopwatch is essential for lunar occultation measurements, timing eclipses and transits of Jupiter's moons and timing the transit of Jupiter's red spot. A red flashlight aids reading camera settings and recording data.

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