February 21 2008

This event is centered on 03:25, making it yet another western Atlantic eclipse. All longitudes from the Middle East to the Pacific Ocean side of North America provide viewing locations for the entire eclipse.

After the above, there are no more total lunar eclipses until December 21, 2010. Although that one is visible in its entirety from throughout North America, you would need to go elsewhere to see the two in 2011. Following that there are no opportunities until 2014.

Obviously total lunar eclipses make themselves available more often than their solar equivalents, but they are not so frequent that there is a huge number occurring within your lifetime. If you live in North America, you have two opportunities in 2003, and then another later in 2004. After that there's a wait until 2007. Take the chance while you can. In their own way, lunar eclipses are fascinating.

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