Other Astronomical Connections Of Nantucket

The connection between Maria Mitchell and Nantucket did not end with her moving elsewhere or indeed even with her death. In 1902 the Maria Mitchell Association was established on the island, and today the house where she was born is open to the public during the summer. Nearby is the Maria Mitchell Observatory, where a variety of research projects are ongoing, in particular some designed to encourage the involvement of young women. Her spirit lives on in that regard.

Mitchell's memory lives on in other ways, too. There are various scientific awards that bear her moniker, and there is a crater on the Moon named for her. She is also remembered in the naming of an asteroid, or minor planet, as "1455 Mitchella." That object was discovered in 1937. Similarly, on the 150th anniversary of her comet discovery, in 1997, the International Astronomical Union approved the naming of minor planet number 7041 as "Nantucket," citing the connection with Maria Mitchell.

So Nantucket has historical, current, and perennial astronomical connections. But it is eclipses that are of most interest to us here, and so we must turn to the eclipse record of the island.

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