Wyoming Revisited

Nantucket is a picturesque location from which to witness an eclipse, but there are none due there soon. The next total solar eclipse to pass over the continental United States is in August 2017. In Chapter 15 the path it will take is discussed, and I suggest that the Grand Tetons might be the pick of the places from which to watch it.

Looking back in time, it happens that the eclipse tracks in

1878 and 1889 framed Yellowstone National Park rather nicely, the Grand Tetons also lying within their crossing zone. In 2017, however, the track edge only shaves the southern border of Yellowstone, leaving the Grand Tetons as the only choice up in that corner of Wyoming. If you do go there to see that eclipse, recall its nineteenth-century siblings, watched by all and sundry when the West was far wilder than it is now.

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