Satellite Measurements of Ozone Changes from SPEs

Several satellite instruments measured ozone decreases during solar cycle 23 as a resultofSPEs including the UARSHALOE;NOAA 14and 16 Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet 2 (SBUV/2) instruments; POAMIII; Envisat GOMOS, MIPAS and Scanning Imaging Absorption spectrometer for Atmospheric ChartograpHY (SCIA-MACHY); and Odin OSIRIS. Substantial mesospheric and upper stratospheric ozone decreases during and after the July 2000 SPE were measured by UARS HALOE and NOAA 14 SBUV/2 (Jackman et al, 2001). Randall et al. (2001) used POAM III observations to show middle stratospheric ozone decreases in September 2000 as a result of the July 2000 SPE.

The most-studied period (to date) of ozone decreases as a result of SPEs occurred in October 26-November 7, 2003. Seppala et al. (2004) and Verronen et al. (2005) showed long lasting ozone depletions of 20 to 60% in the Northern Hemisphere polar lower mesosphere and upper stratosphere as a result of the events using Envisat GOMOS. Jackman et al. (2005a) found short-term ozone depletions of 40% in the Southern Hemisphere polar lower mesosphere with ozone depletions of 5-8% lasting days beyond the events in the upper stratosphere using NOAA 16 SBUV/2. The ozone decreases from a quiescent baseline day (October 25) over the October 28-November 1, 2003 disturbed period are given in Figure 2a.

Lopez-Puertas et al. (2005 a) showed significant polar lower mesosphere and upper stratosphere ozone decreases (10-70%) during the events using Envisat MIPAS. They also showed large differences between the two Hemispheres, with substantially more polar ozone depletion in the Northern (>20%) than in the Southern Hemisphere (5-10%). This interhemispheric difference is shown in this issue of Space Science Review in Figure 1 of Langen (2006), which is similar to that given in Figure 4 of Lopez-Puertas et al. (2005 a). Envisat SCIAMACHY measurements generally agreed with these Envisat MIPAS observations of ozone depletion (Rohen et al., 2005).

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