Astronomical Constants

Astronomical unit AU

Light year ly

Parsec pc

Ephemeris day dE

Siderial day ds

Mean solar day dh

Tropical year Siderial year Julian year

Gregorian calendar year Earth:

Mean equatorial radius

Polar radius (based on spheroid)


Mean density Gravitational parameter Obliquity of ecliptic Gravitational acceleration at equator Equatorial rotational velocity Centrifugal acceleration at equator International standard gravity Escape velocity at equator Sun-earth distance, minimum maximum


Mean radius Mass

Mean density Gravitational parameter Mean orbital inclination to ecliptic Mean equatorial inclination to ecliptic Rotation period

Gravitational acceleration at surface Escape velocity at surface Earth-moon distance, minimum maximum

*T is in centuries from the year 1900.

1.495979 108


9.46054 1012


3.08568 1013


86400 s

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