Latitude and Longitude

The latitude and longitude of each annotated image is indicated either by edge notes or by overlaid meridians and parallels.

Spelling of Feature Names

The spelling of the feature names is that of the IAU, as it appears in the catalog maintained by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The text follows the conventions of the annotations. In some cases, the spelling of IAU names differs from the spelling used in the text, when persons the features are named for are mentioned. An example of this distinction is that one far side crater is called Tsiolkovskiy, while the text refers to Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky, the Russian rocket scientist. The spelling is the same in Russian; the difference lies in diverse transliteration rules used by the IAU and by translators to the English language.

Features Identified on HighResolution Images

Only one copy of most of the high-resolution samples is provided. To identify features that are referenced in the notes with minimal obscuration of the images, they are marked by short letter codes that are indicated both in the images

The high-resolution images are not so marked, but their locations are clearly identified in the relevant mediumresolution images, as described in the introduction to each chapter.

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