O z


Sun Elevation: ~10°

From Moscoviense

Distance: ~1480 km

In this complex terrain of ridges and troughs, the outer boundary of the ejecta blanket of the Moscoviense Basin (to the south-southeast) lies under the ejecta blanket of the Humboldtianum Basin (to the northwest). Hum-boldtianum's ridges and troughs are exposed crossing

Bridgman (B, Nectarian, 80 km) but stop east of Bridg-man and in the vicinity of Pawsey (P, Nectarian, 60 km), leaving some of the larger striations from Moscoviense. Wiener (W, Nectarian, 120 km) came later, burying much of Pawsey.

The large crater dominating this subframe is Kurchatov (K, 106 km). Both its internal depression and its external ejecta blanket have been covered with ejecta from Wiener (W, Nectarian, 120 km), making it difficult to determine whether

Kurchatov is pre-Nectarian or Nectarian. The ejecta blanket of Kurchatov has resurfaced the patterns from earlier times, but a few earlier craters under that blanket are dimly revealed.


Sun Elevation: ~10°

Distance: ~1480 km c

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