The Moscoviense Basin

The Moscoviense Basin is the most prominent of the basins that have extensively modified this area. The heavy ejecta blanket of the Moscoviense Basin has covered the central part of this region but has been covered in turn by ejecta from the Humboldtianum Basin (to the north) and the Mendeleev Basin (to the south).

The images of the Moscoviense Basin in Figures 9.1 and 9.2 are taken from oblique medium-resolution photos taken on different orbits, with different sun elevation angles. The main ring, 445 km in diameter, can be seen in both images. The inner ring is 210 km in diameter.

Chains of craters formed by secondary impactors ejected from Moscoviense extend into the outer reaches of its ejecta blanket, surviving ages of erosion from later impacts. Long after the basin was formed, the floor of Moscoviense was flooded with mare, covering the impact features that were formed in the interim and creating a new surface for the lower rate of smaller impacts that followed.

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