Sequence 9th Shuttle flight and 6th flight of Columbia

Milestones 1st flight of European-built Spacelab module and pallet in fully outfitted capacity, longest Shuttle mission to date, 1st time six astronauts had flown into orbit in the same spacecraft, 1st flight of a European (and non-US) astronaut on an American spacecraft, 1st man to fly into space for a sixth time and 1st time a crew had been divided into teams to operate experiments around-the-clock

Launch 28 November 1983 at 4:00:00 pm GMT from Pad 39A at

Kennedy Space Center in Florida Payload Spacelab-1

Max. altitude 250 km Max. inclination 57 degrees

Landing 8 December 1983 at 11:47:24 pm GMT on Runway 17 at

Edwards Air Force Base in California Distance 6,913,500 km

Orbits 166

Duration 10 days, 7 hours, 47 minutes and 24 seconds

Crew John Watts Young Jr, 53, commander (Red Team)

Maj Brewster Hopkinson Shaw Jr, 38, US Air Force, pilot (Blue Team)

Dr Owen Kay Garriott, 53, mission specialist 1 (Blue Team) Dr Robert Allan Ridley Parker, 46, mission specialist 2 (Red Team)

Dr Byron Kurt Lichtenberg, 35, payload specialist 1 (Blue Team) Dr Ulf Dietrich Merbold, 42, payload specialist 2 (Red Team)

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