Real Time Geomagnetic Data

Magnetometer stations have been established at many locations, and have been quite useful in long-term aeronomic studies as well as in short-term experimental campaigns. A list of stations providing data to the various World Data Centers is given in the compilation by Shea et al. [1984], Recently attention has been given to a more current assessment of geomagnetic conditions, and the INTERMAGNET program provides near real-time geomagnetic data to Geomagnetic Information Nodes (GINS) for analysis and timely dissemination of data to users [Green, 1990], The following GIN stations are in operation: Edinburgh, Scotland (British Geological Survey); Golden, Colorado (U.S. Geological Survey); Kyoto, Japan (Kyoto University); Hiraiso, Japan (Communications Research Centre); Ottawa, Canada (Geological Survey of Canada); and Paris, France (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris). The establishment of this network is consistent with the creation of other real-time ionospheric data networks and solar monitoring systems.

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