Area of a circular aperture for diffraction phenomena

Eq. (3.442)


Real area of a pupil, including vignetting

Eq. (3.466)

A, Ao

Common area, whole pupil area for a sheared pupil

Eq. (3.499)

A, B

Constants of a linear dispersion equation

Eq. (3.316)

A, B

Real, imaginary parts of the autocorrelation function

Eq. (3.503)

As , Bs , Cs , Ds ...

Supplementary aspherizing coefficients in the general definition of a surface

Eq. (3.77)



Where defined

A«, Bsi, BS2

Terms in equations for deriving decentering coma

Eqs. (3.355) - (3.357)


Normalization constants for deriving Zernike polynomials

Eq. (3.426)

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