Quantity calculated for the secondary as though it were a primary in a Schiefspiegler

Eq. (3.344)

A (suffix)

Pertaining to third order astigmatism for the Strehl Intensity Ratio

Eq. (3.471)

a, b

Semi-axes of an ellipse

Eq. (3.4)


Aspheric plate profile constant (defining its spherical aberration)

Eq. (3.221)

a, b

Upper and lower points of a Schmidt plate

Fig. 3.27

(a), (b)

Stop positions in a Maksutov telescope

Fig. 3.36

ao, ai

Normalized amplitude of the object, image function (OTF)

Eq. (3.485), Eq. (3.486)

Afoc (suffix)

Pertaining to the afocal form of a 2-mirror telescope

Eq. (3.98)

Aplan (suffix)

Pertaining to the aplanatic form of a 2-mirror telescope

Eq. (3.106)


Schwarzschild (conic) constant

Eq. (3.10)


Laux definition of conic parameter

Eq. (3.79)

B (suffix)

Pertaining to Bouwers' achromatic meniscus

Eq. (3.311)

Bou (suffix)

Pertaining to Bouwers-type meniscus

Eq. (3.278)

BF (suffix)

Best focus

Eq. (3.185)



Where defined

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