A constant in the diffraction integral

Eq. (3.434)

Ci, C2

Primary longitudinal, lateral chromatic aberration

Eq. (3.222), Eq. (3.223)

Co, Ci

Contrast for the object, image of a given spatial frequency

Eq. (3.483)

C (suffix)

Pertaining to chromatic aberrations

Eq. (3.222), Eq. (3.223)

C (suffix)

Pertaining to a concentric surface

Fig. 3.36

C (suffix)

Pertaining to third order coma for the Strehl Intensity Ratio

Eq. (3.471)

Comat, Comas

Tangential, sagittal coma

Fig. 3.18, Eq. (3.196), Eq. (3.197)

CFP (also suffix)

Coma-free point


cl (suffix)

Pertaining to a classical 2-mirror telescope

Eq. (3.93)

DK (also suffix)

Dall-Kirkham form of a 2-mirror Cassegrain telescope



Thickness of an aspheric or plane-parallel plate or filter; or of a meniscus or lens element of a corrector



Diameter of the circle containing 80% of the geometrical energy in the point image (PSF)

Table 3.15

d (suffix)

Pertaining to defocus for the Strehl Intensity Ratio

Eq. (3.471)

dec (suffix)

Pertaining to Gaussian effects of transverse despace, i.e. lateral decenter

Eq. (3.422), Eq. (3.423)



Where defined

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