Pupil position parameter in a normalized telescope system with corrector

Eq. (4.4)

FR (also suffix)

Focal reducer

§ 4.5

FE (also suffix)

Focal extender

§ 4.5

FF (suffix)

Pertaining to a field flattener

Eq. (4.15)


Distance of an aspheric plate field corrector from the image

Eq. (4.2), Fig. 4.2, Fig. 4.5

gh (suffix)

Pertaining to ghost images from a planeparallel plate

Eq. (4.1), Fig. 4.1


Height of the equivalent homogeneous atmosphere

Eq. (4.93)

L (suffix)

Pertaining to a thin corrector lens

Eq. (4.52)

Li, L2 (suffix)

Pertaining to the first, second thin lens of a 2-lens corrector

Eq. (4.73)

MFC (also suffix)

Mean field curvature, i.e. the EFC in the presence of a field corrector

Eq. (4.13)



Where defined


Refractive index of a single corrector lens

Eq. (4.71)

n[, n'2

Refractive indices of doublet corrector lenses with two different glasses

Eq. (4.81)


Effective refractive index of the atmosphere

Eq. (4.92)

P (suffix)

Pertaining to an aspheric plate or an effective plate formed by an aspheric surface on a corrector lens

Eq. (4.54), Eq. (4.60)

PP (suffix)

Pertaining to a plane-parallel plate

Eq. (4.16)

1pl (suffix)

Pertaining to a 1-plate corrector

Eq. (4.21) et seq.

2pl (suffix)

Pertaining to a 2-plate corrector

Eq. (4.21) et seq.

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