Pupil function in autocorrelation theory of the OTF

Eq. (3.494)

F *

Complex conjugate of F

Eq. (3.494)

F (s)

Functions of s (obscuration factor)

Eq. (3.482)

Fi (suffix)

Pertaining to a plane-parallel plate or filter

Eq. (3.253)

FFL (suffix)

Pertaining to a field-flattening lens

Eq. (3.259)

f (suffix)

Pertaining to field aberration in a decentered telescope

Eq. (3.354)

GF (suffix)

Pertaining to the Gaussian focus

Eq. (3.184)

g (suffix)

Pertaining to the approximation of geometrical optics for the MTF calculation

Eq. (3.507), Eq. (3.508)

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