Clearly, the monochromatic field aberrations are effectively negligible over the curved field (this is not true for a flat field). Spherochromatism increases the central wavelength value of about 7 ^m at the subsidiary wavelengths, showing that the f/no of f/3.5 for the primary is in good balance with the spherochromatism. The transverse colour error is the most serious error. The origin is solely the finite thickness of the meniscus, combined with its finite rear curvature (see Fig. 3.36). Since the finite thickness is essential to correct the spherical aberration and to give the meniscus stability, there is no means of correcting C2 without a further optical element, such as a field flattener.

Title: MAKSUTOV CASSEGI Date : Wed Mar 01 1995


EffSSFScaiaLen^ Total Track Image Space F/# Working F/# Obj. Space N.A.

Parax^Ima^Hgt. Parax. Mag. Entr. Pup. Dia. Entr. Pup. Pos. Exit Pupil Dia.


sqbj sta sto sta

2 sta

3 sta

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