The lack of aplanatism is, of course, a normal situation in Newton and Cassegrain telescopes and can be quite acceptable for visual use. Because of

File : C:\ZEMAX-EE\MAKCASS2.RAY Title: MAKSUTOV CASS.2 Date : Wed Mar 01 1995


Surfaces Stop

System Aperture

Gaussian Factor Eff. Focal Len. Total Track Image Space F/# Working F/# Obj . Space N.A. Stop Radius Parax.Ima. Hgt. Parax. Mag. Entr. Pup. Dia. Entr. Pup. Pos. Exit Pupd Exit Pupi

Maxin ti Field

Entrance Pupi Off

0.000000 6080.66 1402.69 15.2017 15.1848 2e-008 200

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