The data of such a "short" Maksutov for a pupil diameter of D = 400 mm and N = 3.0 are given in Table 3.11 and the corresponding spot-diagrams in Fig. 3.35. The quality, for a broad spectral band, is in no way inferior to the "long" system because it is limited by the lateral chromatism C2 in both cases. This is shown in Fig. 3.36, which represents the change to the principal ray path due to the stop shift. With the "concentric" stop (a), the principal ray cuts the first surface normally, and also the second surface 2c if the meniscus is concentric. C2 is then zero. With the stop shifted to (b)

^ Aperture

Gauss ia^Fact or Eff. Focal Len. Total Track Image Space F/# Working F/#

ltr. Pup. tit Pupil

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