James Gregory

Born: 1638, Aberdeen, Scotland Died: 1675, Edinburgh

Gregory is rightly considered the inventor of the 2-mirror telescope in focal (Gregory) form. Mersenne had already invented the equivalent afocal form. (Courtesy Royal Astronomical Society, through Peter Hingley)

* A. Baranne, F. Launay, 1997, "Cassegrain: un celebre inconnu de l'astronomie instrumental^', J. Opt. 28, 158-172.

I am delighted and proud that questions I addressed to my French colleagues, above all Andre Baranne, concerning the identity of Cassegrain for this portrait gallery have resulted in this superb piece of historical research, mainly regarding Cassegrain but also with largely unknown information concerning the remarkable work of Mersenne. If a birth certificate of Cassegrain can be found (the search is continuing, I believe), the basic biographical information will be complete.

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