L f m2d1 m2f1 d13391

Note that f1, L, y2 and m2 are dependent parameters. Their dependence on d1 is particularly important since d1 is used in all 2-mirror telescopes as the parameter for focusing the telescope correctly at a chosen image position. With fl and f constant, differentiation of (3.393) gives dL = m2dd1 (3.394)

This is simply the magnification law for longitudinal image shifts [3.3] [3.6]. Similarly, with d1 and f2l constant, we derive dL = —m2df1 , (3.395)

and with d1 and f/ constant dL = (m2 + 1)2df2 (3.396)

The despace sensitivity dm2/ddi is derived by differentiating (3.391) with respect to d 1, in which f/ is constant and L, d 1 and m2 are variables, and using (3.394), giving dm2

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