Maurice Paul1

Born: 1890, Fontainebleau, France Died: 1981, Cervens, Haute Savoie

Paul has been largely forgotten, even in France, but he wrote in 1935 a classical paper on modern reflector optics. A pupil of Chretien, he proposed the fundamental form of 3-mirror anastigmat and critically analysed the scope of as-pheric plates and lenses for field correctors. (Courtesy Claude Paul, through Andre Baranne)

1 The biographic details of Maurice Paul were the most difficult to obtain of all the personalities in this portrait gallery. I am deeply grateful to Andre Baranne (Marseille) for a veritable detective work; also to Francoise le Guet Tully (Nice), Marie-Jose Vin (OHP) and Francoise Chavel (Ecole Superieure d'Optique, Paris) for valuable information.

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