Lateral (transverse) decenter of the secondary in a 2-mirror telescope


S (suffix)

Pertaining to a laterally decentered 2-mirror telescope treated as a Schiefspiegler

Eq. (3.352)

S afi

Kronecker symbol (Zernike polynomials)

Eq. (3.426)


Eccentricity of a conic

Eq. (3.6)


Obscuration (obstruction) factor for diffraction phenomena at an annular aperture

§ 3.10.4, Eq. (3.453)



Where defined


Parameter for Seidel spherical aberration of the primary mirror of a 2-mirror telescope

Eq. (3.30)

co, c

Basic (power), aspheric component of Z

Eq. (3.30)

Z ', V , i'

Cartesian coordinate system in the image plane for diffraction phenomena

Fig. 3.99

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