Spherical Primary form of a 2-mirror Cassegrain telescope


S (suffix)

Pertaining to a laterally decentered 2-mirror telescope treated as a Schiefspiegler

Eq. (3.352)



Where defined

Si, S2 (suffix)

Pertaining to third, fifth order spherical aberration for the Strehl Intensity Ratio

Eq. (3.471)


Distance of the entrance pupil from the first surface

Eq. (3.25)


Stop shift of an aspheric plate relative to the primary

Eq. (3.219)


Quantity calculated for the secondary as though it were a primary in a Schiefspiegler

Eq. (3.344)

s, t

Spatial frequency of the object or image function in the n directions (MTF)

Eq. (3.485)

sol (suffix)

Pertaining to a solid Schmidt


T (suffix)

Pertaining to wavefront tilt for the Strehl Intensity Ratio

Eq. (3.471)

TC, 0 (suffix)

Pertaining to a 2-mirror telescope of general or SP form with zero lateral (translation) decenter-ing coma

Eq. (3.386), Eq. (3.389)

t, s, m

Tangential, sagittal and mean astigmatic surfaces, foci or sections

Fig. 3.20, Fig. 3.21

tot (suffix)

Pertaining to the total aberration (coma) defining neutral points (decenter)

Eq. (3.377)

U, U'

Angles of finite rays to the axis

Fig. 3.2, Eq. (3.83)

U (Q')

The complex amplitude at Q' (diffraction theory)

Eq. (3.434)


Angular aberration referred to the principal plane

§ 3.1

A (u)

Aplanatic parameter (see surface number v)

§ 3.2.2, Eq. (3.19)



Where defined


Normalized diffraction angle (kqym) in the y-direction

Eq. (3.435), Eq. (3.436)

U, v

Normalized ("optical") coordinates of Q referred to the principal ray (diffraction theory)

§ 3.10.5

Va, Vß

Typical orthogonal polynomials of a set (Zernike polynomials)

Eq. (3.426)

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