Why hate, and struggle, and fight? Let it be as it would.

He twisted the "riem" round his arm and walked back along the ridge of the house."

The pioneering steps of Joseph Nicephore Niepce, who secured the First Photograph (Figures 191 and 192) in ca. 1826, and an exquisite heliograph from a print in 1827 (Figure 193), may indeed have appeared small then - but are giant leaps now. They are photographic incunabula indeed.

The transition from a lens-less pinhole camera (Figure 194) to cameras housing photographic glass plates (Figures 195-199) to that of the era of digital camera arrays (Figures 200-204) ...

In reviewing Figure 197, where "the stars are more thicke then grasse" [sic], we are reminded of "An Hymne of Heavenly Beautie" [sic] by E. Spenser, which, in the original wording, reads in part:

Looke thou no further, but affixe thine eye On that bright, shynie, round, still-moving Masse, The house of the blessed God, which men call Skye, All sowd with glistering stars more thicke then grasse Whereof each other doth in brightnesse passe ...

Today mankind is beholding the first real dawn of astronomical science. Yesterday was the preparation for that dawn - how splendid were the pioneers of that time! - tomorrow we shall be overwhelmed by the vastness of sidereal discoveries and progress. And a century hence those who come after us will discern clearly and naturally how and why the Cosmos is unbounded. None of us today can wholly comprehend and explain such an infinity of Space; but all of us tomorrow will be able to understand and to explain why the Cosmos could not be limited -

that it had to be absolutely illimitable. Scholium

(Charles Nevers Holmes, 1918) 385

Shrouds of the Night

386 Figure 191 [429]


Figure 2GG [431] 395

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