Monsieur Niepces first successful experiment of fixing permanently the Image from Nature

(The year 1827 is the year Bauer received the gift; the photograph is generally accepted to have been taken in France one year earlier. Two renditions of the First Photograph appear at the end of our book, as a famous gelatin silver print with watercolor, dated 1952 - and in a much more faithful and recent digital color reproduction. These are shown in Figures 191 and 192 respectively.)

From Niepce's view (c. 1826) from the window at Le Gras, to the public announcements in 1839 from research emanating from the Niepce-Daguerre partnership in France and Talbot in England, the photographic era was ushered in. The Pencilling of Nature had triumphantly moved from sketches on paper to images where photons of light were stored upon light-sensitized materials and recorded by photochemical means in realistic amounts of exposure times. We have a facsimile copy of The Pencil of Nature in our offices. In that extraordinary work, Talbot, a lover of classics, has the motto:

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