The Milky Way I

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To appreciate the labour ofdepicting, in all its delicate details, the majestic arch ofaccumulated suns by which our situation in space is surrounded, one should examine Dr Boeddicker's splendid drawings of it ... They are in many respects a completely new disclosure. Features barely suspected before come out in them as evident and persistent: every previous representation appears by comparison structureless. There is something of organic regularity in the manner ofdiver-gence of innumerable branches from a knotted and knarled [sic] trunk; nor can the protusion [sic] of cloudy feelers toward outlying nebulae and clusters be regarded as purposeless; while the fidelity with which the milky effulgence coils and sweeps along the lines laid down by the stars emblazoned upon it is perplexing, if it be not significant. It is simply amazing that such a work should have been executed in such a climate as that of Parsonstown.

In the English Mechanic of January 3, 1890, praise for Boeddicker's meticulous drawings of our Galaxy follows thus:

Commencing in 1884, and working on every occasion since then, Dr. Boed-dicker, Lord Rosse's assistant astronomer, has produced a series ofdrawings of the whole of the Milky Way visible in these latitudes, which is as unsurpassed as it is probably unsurpassable in the elaborate character of its minute detail. It is verily a marvel of the most minute and patient accuracy ...

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