17.1. If we see a spiral galaxy edge-on, how do we 17.6.How do the relative abundances of atomic know that it is a spiral? and molecular hydrogen vary within a spiral

17.2. (a) Why is it not likely that single spirals galaxy?

formed from single ellipticals? (b) Why is it 17.7.What parts of the interstellar medium would not likely that ellipticals formed from spirals? you expect to best trace out spiral arms?

(Hint: Think of the effects of rotation.) Explain your answer.

17.3.Compare the properties of dwarf ellipticals 17.8. What are the differences between grand design with the properties of globular clusters in our and flocculent spiral galaxies (a) in their own galaxy. appearance and (b) in the scenario by which

17.4.What features of SO galaxies make them the spiral arms are formed and maintained? similar to (a) spirals, (b) ellipticals? *17.9.In equation (17.4) we used the relationship

17.5.Assume there is some way, either by between mass and density for a spherically spectroscopy or by some aspect of the shape symmetric system. However, spiral galaxies of the galaxy, to determine the luminosity have a disklike appearance. Why is the use of class for a galaxy. How can this information equation (17.4) valid?

be used, along with other observations, to 17.10.How does the density wave theory help us determine the distance to a galaxy? explain spiral structure?

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