Figure 6.11. Binding energy (relative to the dispersion of a star into 56Fe gas) versus gravitational mass for several EOSs from Table 6.1. Maximum-mass configurations (filled circles) have maximum binding energy. Dotted segments show unstable configurations which are less bound than the stable ones. The inset shows a zoomed segment of the Ebind(M) curve for the FPS EOS at M « Mmax.

in pc — pc,max, and, therefore, are much smaller than variations in R. Thus,

R'(Ah) <R(Ah) implies E'bind(Ab) < Ebind(Ab).

6.7.1 Approximate formulae

Figure 6.11 shows that the binding energy of a stable neutron star correlates with its gravitational mass. A simple approximate "empirical formula" which describes the dependence Ebind(M) at M > 0.5 Mq for realistic EOSs reads (Lattimer & Yahil, 1989)

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