This chapter is different from others. It deals with objects which, at the time of this writing, are hypothetical. We do not know whether strange matter and strange stars exist or not. We start with the discussion of the strange matter hypothesis (§ 8.3). Its history is described in § 8.4. Models of strange matter are presented in §§ 8.5-8.8. Finally, § 8.9 is devoted to other speculative self-bound phases of super-dense matter.

Assuming the strange matter hypothesis, we develop models of strange stars. The history of strange-star physics is presented in § 8.10. Models of non-rotating bare strange stars are studied in § 8.11. In § 8.12 we present the proof that strange stars do not contain heavy quarks (c, b, t). The surface of bare strange stars is studied in §§ 8.14 and 8.15. § 8.16 is devoted to strange stars with the crust of normal matter. Apparent radii of strange stars, important for their observational identifications, are studied in § 8.17. A conversion of neutron stars into strange stars is outlined in § 8.19. Basic properties of "even stranger" stars built of abnormal matter and Q-matter are reviewed in § 8.20. Rotating strange stars are studied in § 8.21.

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