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And a Serious Health Warning

During certain months of the year (if at all), you will also see how the Moon badly interferes with your attempts to view faint objects, and you will discover how certain wet months will also interfere with viewing, and imaging. Is there any light pollution in your proposed location By studying your proposed site carefully you may find that viewing is exceptionally good on most clear evenings, but becomes impossible on the Saturday nights when the local football team is playing, and the huge banks of halogen lights are turned on. Lastly, you will learn your way around the night sky, which is important on two counts. Firstly, if your first real telescope is of the goto variety, as it is very likely to be, then you will know where to look for the scope's alignment stars. Secondly, you will know what the faint fuzzy areas are that suddenly come into view as your eyes become dark adapted, and or the seeing conditions become exceptionally good. Even though your goto scope will take you...

Observing Project 3D Organization

Finally with your studying done and your mind primed, your eyes trained and all your equipment cleaned, prepped and ready to go, its time to head on out into the field to let your new telescope see first light. There's a lot that goes into a night of productive observing, much more than just throwing the scope together and looking around, although that certainly can be fun. A serious night of observing can require some serious advance planning. You must plan where to go, when to arrive there, how you will get your stuff there, how you will set up your equipment and so on. You must also carefully plan on what you are going to do with your precious time. Sometimes the plan is based on personal constraints or desires (how long can you stand the cold) and sometimes it must be based on the happenings in the sky. If you are out to watch an event such as an asteroid occultation, your entire life for that evening is going to be based around those few seconds when that rock hides that star....

Predictions for the Century

We must learn to understand the true message of Aquarius and the awesome power of Uranus. We must overcome the negative forces of this planet, for that is the lesson of the Age of Aquarius, to enjoy an age of great spiritual awakening. We must learn to accept the values and workings of Uranus upon our thought processes, thus creating our own amazing future reality, complete with ETs and UFOs. We must create a universal brotherhood, where love, progress and responsibility become the ultimate goals. If we fail to recognize the awesome power of Uranus, the Aquarius age may be the last age man will live on this planet.

The sky beyond the equator

A journey to lands beyond the equator is more than a geographical adventure. On returning to your native hemisphere, you'll find you have a more complete sense of the sky. If you are a northerner, constellations that normally peter out in the haze of the southern horizon can be completed in your mind's eye, and stars that lie far below the horizon become part of your sky, now that you've seen them and know where they lie. You are aware that Earth is surrounded by stars, something of which you may not be conscious if you've only seen the sky from one hemisphere.

World War II and its aftermath

During the war and to continue to support research activities by public and private organizations. Bush had been Franklin D. Roosevelt's trusted advisor on scientific matters when the president died in office in April Bush delivered the report instead to Harry Truman. Science the Endless Frontier broke new ground by insisting that the government had the responsibility to support basic research inside and outside government laboratories, even in peacetime. In fact, the report argued that the nation's prosperity and security rested on scientific and technological progress. Bush suggested that grants should be dispensed through an independent agency, which he called the National Research Fund.

Time and Space

Remember the quote by Thomas Huxley in our discussion of the successes of celestial mechanics, science is nothing but trained and organized common sense. During the 1700s and 1800s, common sense was applied to atoms. Following Newton, we may imagine atoms as small billiard ball-like spheres, interacting by bouncing off each other. In many ways, this application was successful, but, early in the last century it became obvious that to describe nature at the atomic level, it appears that some microlevel phenomena and those involving high speeds do not make sense. As a sign at the gate of an English physics department warned Beware. Physics may expand your mind

Resampling and Resizing

Some observers will be completely content with saving the original low-resolution cybersketch as their only record of the observation - and there's nothing at all wrong with this. Still, when it comes to transferring PDA sketches to the desktop PC and viewing them on a large monitor, the images may look awfully crude and blocky when compared to that delicately detailed little depiction you created on the PDA. So, if you do intend to go further and enhance your observational cybersketches, it is always best to get to work on them at the desktop computer as soon as possible after the observing session, while the memory of the observation remains fresh in your mind. After you've made your drawing on the PDA at the telescope eyepiece, remember to retain its orientation when you're making those finishing touches indoors at the desktop computer. It's best not to immediately flip the cybersketch north-south or east-west or rotate the image to conform to the normal convention before...

Project P Comet Hunting

I will confess to never having engaged in serious comet hunting it requires a different sort of diligence than I possess. However, I do appreciate the wonders that can pass through your eyepiece and your mind while doing the slow, steady search pattern of the comet hunter. I will never forget the night that I had taken my 16 Dobsonian telescope to the peak of Mt. Pinos* but forgotten my Telrad. (I've never added a finder 'scope to that big gun.) Without a way of accurately aiming the telescope, I couldn't pursue the deep-sky observing list that I had prepared. Instead, I put in a wide-field eyepiece, and began a reasonably systematic, all-night scan of the sky through its 2-degree field of view. My role model was Herschel, slowly panning and examining everything that passed through his eyepiece. That night was the closest to comet hunt'' scanning that I've ever done, and I remember that night above many other more organized nights of observing. Star clusters, colorful individual...

Into The Moons Sphere Of Influence

At 061 40, Apollo 11 entered the Moon's sphere of influence. The strength of a gravitational field is directly proportional to the mass of the gravitating body and inversely proportional to the square of the range from the body. With Earth fully 81 times more massive than the Moon, the 'neutral point' was roughly 90 per cent of the way to the Moon more specifically, 186,437 nautical miles from Earth and 33,822 nautical miles from the Moon. By this milestone, the velocity of the spacecraft had slowed to a relative crawl of 2,990 feet per second with respect to Earth and 3,272 feet per second with respect to the Moon. When Apollo 8 first blazed this trail, the less technically minded members of the press expressed surprise that the crew did not feel a jolt. The origin of this misunderstanding was a comment at a press conference by flight dynamics officer Philip C. Shaffer. After pointing out that Apollo 8 had slowed as it climbed from Earth, and beyond the neutral point accelerated...

Part Five Space Observation and Travel

I recommend that you complete one chapter a week. An hour or two daily ought to be enough time for this. Don't rush yourself give your mind time to absorb the material. But don't go too slowly either. Take it at a steady pace, and keep it up. In that way, you'll complete the course in a few months. (As much as we all wish otherwise, there is no substitute for good study habits.) When you're done with the course, you can use this book, with its comprehensive index, as a permanent reference.

Life on the High Frontier

We hope that space will draw decent, hard-working, honest people, and that, thanks to prosperity and a benevolent government, crime will be left behind on Earth. But this is unlikely to happen. Alvin Ru-doff points out that space settlements will reflect their inhabitants' social backgrounds, including their weaknesses as well as strengths.17 Misbehavior, he notes, could include arson, gambling, substance abuse, pornography, suicide all manner of crime and delinquency, including sabotage and terrorism. The designation of alcohol, drugs, firearms, or other items as contraband could result in an underlife that is, organized illegal behavior kept secret from authorities or those who seem likely to disclose the behavior to authorities. In space, as on Earth, we can expect laws and enforcement procedures.

Telescopes a nd d rawing boards

I still put quality above sheer size when it comes to selecting telescopic equipment. You will have a great deal more satisfaction from working with a telescope of good mechanical and optical quality of moderate, or even small, size than you will from a much larger light-bucket. If your budget can stretch to a first-class 6-inch (152 mm) telescope or a mediocre 8-inch (203 mm) one, or even a tempting but poor-quality 10-inch (254 mm) instrument, put out of your mind any thoughts about impressing your neighbours and friends and go for the 6-inch instead. I guarantee that if you could try all three together one night for Moon observing, it would be the smallest one that would give you the best view and the greatest pleasure as a result.

Active Regions Coronal Holes and the Solar Wind

What is a coronal hole Employing a coronagraph, the visible manifestation of a coronal hole is a lack of coronal brightness in certain regions surrounding the disk this diminution usually arises and persists near the solar poles. These regions, termed coronal holes, are not devoid of plasma but the density is much less than that found in the surrounding gas. These holes are coupled to underlying unipolar active regions where the field lines are nearly radial. Such a configuration allows plasma to escape the sun and propel itself into space. The observation of coronal holes near the north and south poles of the sun is not surprising, since field lines are naturally vertical in those regions. The existence of coronal holes at low latitudes is a direct result of the generation of bipolar sunspots, progressively in the equatorward direction, and the growth of large unipolar regions. Figure 2-6 shows a coronal hole, which was observed from the Skylab x-ray telescope. This hole extended...

Challenges Faced by the Planet

In today's global society, it appears that economic prosperity is the most important human goal however, the foremost goal of the human race should be to sustain a livable biosphere. Our prime objective must be to implement a coordinated and concerted effort to improve sustainable development activities over the next decade. The planet is facing some fundamental challenges, which are expected to become more devastating over the next couple of decades. The problems that must be addressed extend over a spectrum of environmental, technological, and humanitarian domains. One of the most topical issues is the dilemma of global warming, which comprises such problems as carbon dioxide and methane build-up, and the disappearing ice caps. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has concluded that human activities are causing global warming with probable temperature rises of 1.8 C and 4 C (3.2-7.2 F) by the end of the century. Sea levels are also likely to rise by 28-43 cm. Another...

Conclusion on Asian space vision and ethos

An Earth citizen's vision for space may begin with a few good-hearted folk, but to have an impact, participation and support would need to grow to a million strong and beyond. In this way, the vision for space could become a mainstream activity with a view to saving human society as a whole by working toward our survival and prosperity in space, as well as peace on Earth and in our Solar System. The benefits of space must reach the whole human family for that vision to be realized. With a large involvement of people working toward practical outcomes on Earth and in space, it will be possible to consider serious fund-raising to drive a citizen's space initiative from Earth to the stars If our survival matters, then the challenge ahead is to spread this story that inspires participation and action.

Aesthetic and Philosophical Considerations

We conclude by offering a selection of thoughts from great observers of the past and present, both amateur and professional, for contemplation. As you let these words penetrate your mind and heart, you will come to find that approach to observing the heavens which is ideally suited for you in your on-going cosmic adventure as one who loves the stars

Imaging Process in Brief

The physical manifestation of this procedure can be seen from Figure 17.2. The top right image shows a short exposure, highly magnified star image taken through a narrowband filter. The envelope of individual speckle images is the seeing disk, in this case about 1'' in diameter. Inside the seeing disk can be seen the individual speckles but more importantly pairs of

Sketching the Skies

The next morning, accompanied by solemn chanting in which the entire community participated, an elderly shaman entered the sacred cave by the light of a fiery brand and selected a suitable area upon which to depict the new star. Once the artwork was finished, the shaman reappeared at the cave entrance he held out his arms wide to the slowly brightening morning skies and announced that the powerful magic of the new star had been captured and could now be used to ensure the continuing prosperity of his tribe.

The Internet

Today, anything goes on the Internet, pretty much as was true in parts of the American West throughout the late nineteenth century. You can buy infinitely more snake oil and other miracle cures on the Web than you ever could in Dodge City, Kansas. The problem extends far beyond unscrupulous people wanting to steal your money. Many people and organizations who have Web sites knowingly or otherwise want to steal your mind. There are untold thousands of sites containing utterly inaccurate information about science (and every other aspect of life, of course).


THOMASINA If you could stop every atom in its position and direction, and if your mind could comprehend all the actions thus suspended, then if you were really, really, good at algebra you could write the formula for all the future and although nobody can be so clever to do it, the formula must exist just as if one could.

Target Acquisition

Now you need your guide star in a convenient position for the picture in your mind. You need the brightest one you can find and, in the Milk Way, you should not experience too much difficulty. When imaging galaxies away from the Milky Way things can be very different. If you have called up the Field of View in The Sky for the telescope you are using you will be able to see the available stars and you may well have to increase the duration of the exposures to pick up sufficient signal for guiding. In a night of good seeing I have guided satisfactorily once every 8 seconds but am so much happier if guiding is ten times a second. For galaxies you often have to search for a bright enough star, and this is where the electronic rotator is such a boon. Of course, if you rotate the camera other than for 180 degrees your picture composition needs to be reviewed, unless using a separate telescope to guide. In my search for a guide star I activate in 20 degree segments. Having found that elusive...

Kth 4 kt 4 k6R4 k2

The reason for putting forward such a conjecture is based on the adS CFT conjecture 13, 14 of string theory. In string theory, D-branes arise as the physical manifestation of open-string Dirichlet boundary conditions. These D-branes are tangible objects carrying mass, Ramond-Ramond charge, and with worldvolume gauge theories to support the string endpoints 4, 5 . Furthermore, the supergravity solutions which correspond to the mass and charge of a particular type of D-brane must describe the same objects. The metric for a stack of N coincident D3-branes is given by

Escape From Ambush

PJlainly, nobody will be afraid who believes nothing can happen to him. . . . Fjear is felt by those who believe something is likely to happen to them. . . . People do not believe this when they are, or think they are, in the midst of great prosperity, and are in consequence insolent, contemptuous and reckless. . . . But if they are to feel the anguish of uncertainty, there must be some faint expectation of escape.


A few centuries later, someone asked Jesus what was the most important commandment. Jesus returned the question 'What do you yourself think ' Upon which the one who asked answered 'To love God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind and your neighbour as yourself'. Then he asked Jesus whom he had to count as his neighbours. How far does this extend Then Jesus told a story of 'one of us' who had been attacked while on the road. A priest passed by. One of us, but he did nothing. An assistant of the temple passed by. One of us, but he too did not help. A man from Samaria came by. Not one of us the Samaritans were not our friends, but this stranger halted, he

We Are Not Computers

From a tree or the caramel-coated apple your mother bought you once as a reward for getting a perfect score on a spelling test, and the old adage about apples and doctors. Clearly, the information about apples, and Royal Galas in particular, didn't remain isolated in your mind. You used your knowledge of apples in your thinking and decision-making processes. In this situation, seeing the red ball reminded you about apples. You connected your feeling ill to your memories of their alleged medical benefits. Your ego directed you to desire your favorite apple, which brought to mind Royal Galas. What might make you change your mind about your favorite apple On the positive side, you might try another type of apple and decide that you like its taste better. On the negative side, you might get bored with Royal Galas or you might hear from someone that Royal Galas have been shown to cause some illness (they haven't). If you trust the source of the news, your concern about illness may persuade...


Not satisfied with a career which should be merely scientific, Laplace sought to connect himself with public affairs. Napoleon appreciated his genius, and desired to enlist him in the service of the State. Accordingly he appointed Laplace to be Minister of the Interior. The experiment was not successful, for he was not by nature a statesman. Napoleon was much disappointed at the ineptitude which the great mathematician showed for official life, and, in despair of Laplace's capacity as an administrator, declared that he carried the spirit of his infinitesimal calculus into the management of business. Indeed, Laplace's political conduct hardly admits of much defence. While he accepted the honours which Napoleon showered on him in the time of his prosperity, he seems to have forgotten all this when Napoleon could no longer render him service. Laplace was made a Marquis by Louis XVIII., a rank which he transmitted to his son, who was born in 1789. During the latter part of his life the...

The Chemical Rocket

Think about chemical rockets for awhile. Soon you'll begin to see that chemical combustion is a ridiculous means by which to attempt to explore the vast tracts of outer space. It's even sillier than burning the remains of eons-old plants and animals to propel vehicles over the Earth's surface and through the lower atmosphere. Someday people will look back on these technologies and wonder why humanity stuck with them for so long.


And finally I ask you, foolish man, can your mind grasp that magnitude of the universe, which you consider to be too vast If you can grasp it would you consider that your comprehension extends beyond that of the Divine Power Do you mean to say that you can imagine greater things


Named for a town (Flemish Oostende, French Ostende) on the Belgian coast. A fishing village since the ninth century, it was fortified in 1583 as a Dutch stronghold in Belgium. However, in 1604, it fell to the Spanish troops after a three-year siege. With emperor Charles VI of Austria, who founded the Ostend Company , Ostend entered into a period of prosperity. After Belgian independence in 1830 it became a fashionable seaside resort. Connected to England by sea and air services, Ostend is often called the Gateway to Europe . (M 34629)

Nakedeye astronomy

Every time you look at the night sky keep in mind that one of the things you are trying to understand is how the apparent Earth-centred motions of celestial bodies are linked to their real Sun-centred motions. The test of whether you have succeeded in this is whether, from the comfort of an armchair, you can picture in your mind's eye, at any time of the year, the approximate relative positions of the planets, including the Earth, and the direction in which they are moving around the Sun.


The reality of seeing is seldom as obvious as you might anticipate. The images, particularly with some galaxies, will sometimes not be as bright as you might expect. In time, this ceases to be a factor, as your mind and eye will make their own relative adjustments. On the whole, you will notice a large gap between their grand observatory portraits and what is presented in the real time views conversely, you may also be surprised when the reality comes close to the best photographs. When what you are seeing seems less obvious, don't be led astray. With perseverance, knowledge of what is really there, as well as what to expect, you will marvel at being able to discern so much, including so many subtle traces of all you know to be present. These subtleties will look just as good to you as if you saw their fully resolved being. You will share in the same wonder of real time viewing that has inspired me all these years it is as if you have some direct contact with other places across the...

Sailing Directions

Even with the latest navigational aid, entering a strange port for the first time is never as easy as entering a familiar harbour. If you have a choice, go for a destination you know,whose features are burned into your mind. If you must enter a strange harbour then gather as much information about it as possible and plan to enter in daylight with a favourable tide.

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