Montes Caucasus & Montes Alpes 2001.09.25 12:57 LIT Age 8 days. C9 + CP990 (DSCW9SÎM) Montes Caucasus 10.0° E 38.40 N

A rugged mountain range between Mare Serenitatis in the east and Mare Imbrium in the west. The southern half of the range has several breaks intruded by mare lava. It measures 445 km north-south, height up to 6000 m. It is the highest montes on the nearside of the Moon. Standing on the highest peak, an observer could see distant land at least 140 km away*, including part of Cassini which has a raised floor. Montes Caucasus appears once united with Montes Apenninus but a channel of mare lava separated them subsequently, see Image T190 in next page.

* Horizon radius « square root of (altitude of eye-level x diameter of the Moon)

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