Images T033 & T195:

Cavendish 53.70 W 24.50 S A 56-km worn crater. Its rim is interrupted by crater Cavendish A (10 km) and Cavendish E (24 km).

de Gasparis 50.70 W 25.90 S A 30-km flooded crater. Its floor is crossed by a wide system of straight rilles (Rimae de Gasparis, 90 km).

Mersenius 49.20 W 21.50 S An 84-km flooded crater. Its floor is somewhat convex and contains tiny craters and a group of faint rilles. Its wall adjoins the smaller flooded crater Mersenius P (42 km).


2005.01.22 ~15:05UT Moon Age 12.1 days

10-inch f/6 Newtonian + 2.5X + 1.6X Barlow + Tollcam at 1/25 sec.

Rimae Mersenius 46.50 W 20.00 S A notable system of rilles, length 300 km. It runs through Mersenius D (34 km).

Rupes Liebig 46.00 W 25.00 S A scarp at the edge of Mare Humorum, length 180 km. Its middle section is interrupted by craters including Liebig G (20 km) and F (9 km), see Image T123.

Grimaldi, Hevelius, Cavalerius, Riccioli, Hedin

GrimaW to Rein« Gamma 2004,11.25 16:42-16:« UT A^ 13 dap. 1CNn LÏ NnAxtoii + 2.5X + ToUcam

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