Burnham 7.30 E 13.90 S A 24-km crater with broken wall.

Albategnius 4.30 E 11.70 S A prominent ring mountain with central peak and flatten floor, 114 km in diameter. Its inner wall is heavily eroded with landslides, valleys and impact craters including Klein (44 km). The immediate north of Albategnius is Hipparchus.


A vast walled plain, 138 km in diameter. The eastern wall is cut by a pair of deep clefts, which is part of the Imbrium Sculture. The western wall is fairly disintegrated, with a gap opened to Rima Reaumur (length 30 km). The flooded floor of Hipparchus contains small hills, ghost craters and Horrocks. See also Image

T071 in Map 31

Image T179, next page:

Herschel 2.10 W 5.70 S A terraced crater with rough floor and central peak, diameter 40 km.

Lalande 8.60 W 4.40 S A 24-km rayed crater under high illumination.

Albategnius & Hipparchus 2004.09.06 -21:49UT Age21da.ys. lOnnfffi Newtonian+ 4X + Toltaam

A crater with terraced walls and rough floor, 24 km in diameter. Sömmering 7.50 W 0.10 N

A ruined flooded crater, 28 km in diameter. Wide gaps exist on the north and south rims. Flammarion 3.70 W 3.40 S

A walled plain, 74 km in diameter. Its northern wall is lava flooded and crossed by Rima Flammarion (length 80 km). Its western wall is interrupted by a 13-km crater Mösting A whose selenographic position (50 12' 39.6"W 30 12' 43.2" S) is a reference standard.

An inconspicous rille near crater Schröter (diameter 35 km), 40 km long.


A disintegrated crater, 47 km in diameter. Its southwestern wall is interrupted by a valley which is part of the Imbrium Sculpture.


Remains of a crater, 52 km in diameter. See also T133, [Map 13

Oppolzer 0.5UW

Remains of a crater adjoining Reaumur, 40 km in diameter. Its southern wall is intersected by Rima Oppolzer (shown more prominently in T133, Map 13 ).

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