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(Lunar Orbiter image)

Euler & Rima Wan-Yu 200e.05.09 13.37 UT Age 12 days. 1 0-ki86 + 5X + ToUcam (Bfl% resized)

Image T253:

Euler 29.20 W 23.30 N

A terraced crater with central peak, 27 km in diameter. A short catena (chain of craterlets) runs almost tangential to the south rim of Euler.

Mons Vinogradov 32.40 W 22.40 N

An irregular mountain rising up to 1400 m, base width 25 km.

Natasha 31.30 W 20.00 N

An inconspicous crater, 12 km in diameter. Rima Wan-Yu (31.50 W 20.00 N, length 12 km) is an elusive rille very close to the west rim of Natasha.

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