Mons R├╝mker

/ , i004.09.26 14:22 UT Age 12 days. 10-inch f/6 Newtonian + 2.5X + ToUcam The arrow points to a "LTP" site where a flash (meteoroid impact) of 7th magntude was captured by NASA / MFSC on 2005.11.07. (

Mai ran Region 2006,05,10 15:06 UT Age 12.8 days. 10-in fi6 Newtonian +4X + ToUcam

Mairan 43.40 W 41.60 N

A 40-km crater with sharp rim and a tiny off-centered peak. Mairan T (3 km) is a small bright dome with a summit craterlet. Rima Mairan (90 km) is a faint rille south of Mairan T. In the north of Mairan is Louville, a 36-km heavily ruined crater; it is difficult to distinguish from the surrounding rugged terrain.

Rima Sharp 50.50 W 46.70 N A faint narrow rille, length 190 km. (IAU gives 107 km.)

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