Wtchmann 2006.05.09 14:40 UT Age 12 days 10-in ff® Newtonian + 4X + ToUcam

Image T036:

Wichmann 38.10 W 7.50 S A bowl-shaped crater, 10 km in diameter. Its northern rim connects to an arc-shaped mountain. Its southern rim is linked to an irregular mountain through a ridge.

Scheele 37.80 W 9.40 S A 4-km bowl-shaped crater.

Image T069:

Reiner 54.90 W 7.00 N An isolated crater in the middle of Oceanus Procellarum, with central peak and fairly rough floor, 29 km in diameter. It is circular in shape but appears oval due to foreshortening.


Reiner Gamma

Reiner Gamma 59.00 W 7.50 N A swirling deposit of bright material near Reiner on Oceanus Procellarum. It measures about 70 km east-west, with the central part resembling an oval dome. Together with the adjacent bright tail formation, Reiner Gamma resembles the head of a white snake. Visually the snake has two tails, but only one tail prominent at a time. The "east tail" is shown in T069 (Moon age 14 days); the "west tail" is shown in T155 of previous page (Moon age 12 days).

In general the lunar surface is lack of magnetic field, but Reiner Gamma is one of the few known exceptions. A model suggests that the early Moon still preserved a weak magnetic field. It just happened some fragments of a low-density comet fell on the Moon and ploughed up the regolith. Their interaction strengthened the local magnetic field while the global magnetic field faded more quickly in time. As magnetic field deflects the charged particles in solar wind which are known to darken the lunar surface, it may account for the high albedo (brightness) of Reiner Gamma against the dark mare background. Another model proposed that shock waves produced from a meteoroid impact on the farside of the Moon may have forced lighter matetials to the location of Reiner Gamma. At present the puzzle of lunar swirls remains unanswered.


Reiner Gamma 2005.04.i2 16:00 UT Age 1J.8 days. lO-inffö + 4X + Toucam

Remark: Other bright swirls were reported to locate on the nearside crater Airy [Map 31 plus a few more on the farside. http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2006/26jun lunarswirls.htm

Aristarchus, Herodotus, Vallis Schröteri, Prinz

Aristarchus, Herodotus, Vallis Schroteri, Prinz & vicinity

2005.01.22 -14:06 UT Moon Age 12 days



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