Rimas Opelt


Laiande A

' 1 Mare Cognitum

' 1 Mare Cognitum

Tola risky

Rimae Parry

Guericke, Tola risky, Parry and Bonpland 2004.06.27 13:30 UT Age 10 days. 1CHn f/6 Newtonian + 2.5X + ToUcair

Lassell D 10.50 W 14.50 S (Image T089) A bright halo crater, 2 km in diameter.

Rimae Opelt 18.00 W 13.00 S A system of rilles, length 70 km. It is located on a dome-shaped plateau above the mare floor.

Details in T258, Map 24

Mons Moro 19.70 W 12.00 S A low hill on a wrinkle ridge, base size 10 km.



Guericke Parry 15.8" W Guericke is the remains of a walled plain, 63 km in diameter. Together with another walled plain Parry (47 km), they form a g-shaped pair lying between Mare Nubium and Mare Cognitum. A wide system of rilles (Rimae Parry) intersects the southern and western rim of Parry.

Bonpland 17.40 W 8.30 S A shallow walled plain, 60 km in diameter. Its floor is also crossed by Rimae Parry.

Fra Mauro 17.00 W 6.10 S Remains of a walled plain, 101 km in diameter. Its floor is bisected by Rimae Parry. Apollo 14 landed on its northern vicinity on 1971.02.05.

1, Fra Maura 2. Parry 3. Bonpland □ indicates Apollo 14 landing site. 2005.04.16 -11:58 UT Age S.6 days. 1Wh f/6 + 4X + ToUcam, 85% resized.

Rima Ariadaeus, Rima Hyginus, Rimae Triesnecker, Agrippa

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